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Tax Returns & Self Assessment

To avoid penalties, you must send HMRC your Tax Return form before the deadlines, otherwise surcharges and penalties will be inccurred. The tax return deadline:
HMRC usually issues a tax return form to taxpayers such as the following...
Advice on your tax liabilities
Negotiating with HMRC if necessary
Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities
Completing all the necessary tax computations
Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC, taking the worry away from you
Returns are correctly completed
They are filed on time
All backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time
Knowing all the allowable deductions and accounting for benefits in kind etc is a complex subject. HMRC's enquiry powers are extensive and it's important that...
As well as the completion of your return we can assist with...
At Castle Accounting, we use software that is approved by HMRC to calculate your Tax due. We will communicate with you information on what amounts are to be paid to HMRC and the due dates.
From time to time HMRC will investigate tax submissions. Some of these are intiated by a tip off or suspicion that the data may not be correct. However, each year a random few are selected for auditing purposes.

At Castle Acounting we can offer tax investigation fee insurance to cover our fees in the event of an investigation. We can provide this to you at tiny additional cost on your year end fees.
A Tax Return is the submission of your financial affairs to HMRC. For individuals (inc Sole Traders) this is refered to as Self Assessment.
The Tax year runs from 5th April to 5th April. After the 5th April you can then submit your return.
for paper submission is 31 October
for online submission is 31 January

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