Coronavirus Information

23rd March 2020:

We are being asked questions about what can be claimed and it is quite tough to answer any question, as whilst there are a lot of announcements by the Government, there are no systems yet in place to follow through with any actions.

Please find a link below to the latest guidance, this lists items such as the business rates relief grant payment will be communicated over the next few weeks directly from your local council along with VAT deferral, etc.

7th April 2020: COVID-19 update:

We hope that you and your families are keeping well during this unusual situation affecting us currently.  Here at Castle Accounting, we know that staying healthy is a top priority for our staff and our clients.

We are successfully working remotely and remain fully connected by email and phone ….so please be assured that this period will have no impact on the service you receive from us.

All deadlines will be met and you’ll continue to get expert advice and service from the full team here.

We are of course available for new clients too wishing to complete Tax returns and Accounts to help with obtaining government grants and loans.

Please take care of yourself and your families.
3rd August 2020: COVID-19 update:

From the 3rd August we are returning to work in our "Covid-19 Secure" offices. We have put in place procedures and processes to protect us and our clients.

Should you wish to visit us (rather than have a video or phone meeting) we ask that the following is adhered to, please.

All meetings will need to be pre-arranged and will only be able to take place subject to the following:
Thank you
On arrival, we ask that you please use the hand sanitiser provided immediately inside the entrance door.
We ask that face coverings are worn throughout the meeting by all attendees.
Seating must be side by side (not face to face) and as far apart as possible.
We will not be able to offer any drinks or share any equipment during the meeting.
We will provide hand sanitiser in the meeting room to be used before and after the meeting.
We are required to keep a log of attendees details for track and trace purposes - this information will only be used for this purpose.
2nd November 2020: COVID-19 update:

Following the new lockdown announcements over the weekend, we met yesterday to discuss our working from home and how to ensure a seamless transition that delivers for our clients.

As you will be aware, during the first lockdown our staff worked from home and we continued to service our clients successfully with minimal disruption. We then returned to our Covid-19 Secure offices in early August.

After the weekend announcements, we are planning for our staff to work from their homes again from 9am Thursday 5th November until lockdown ends in early December. This is assuming that the proposed lockdown goes ahead, but we will as ever let you know of any changes as soon as we are aware of them.

Just because we are working remotely again, does not mean that our quality, level of service, or response to you will be lowered. We have in place a safe process to conduct our usual reviews and audits, before delivery to you. And our phone systems and email are fully operational, with our usual contact time remaining 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

One thing that we ask, please, is to work with us for the safe, non-contact, handover of your records (to and from us).

For reference, we have tried to answer the typical questions we were asked during the last lockdown below.

If you do have anything else you wish to clarify at all please feel free to contact us at any time.

Kind Regards, The Key Accountants and Castle Accounting Team


Q1: How do I approve my tax return or accounts?

A1: Since April we have been using a new online approval and communication system provided by Accountancy Manager, if you have yet to sign up to this new system please contact us and we will go through the setup process with you.  There is no additional cost to you to use this system, it is fast, safe and secure. Once signed up, to access again please find the links on our or websites.

Q2: Am I able to drop in records as before?

A2: Yes of course.  In the first instance if you can either email or upload your records through our Accountancy Manager system it would be appreciated.  We acknowledge this isn’t suitable for every client.  A member of staff will pop into each office a couple of times a week to pick up the post or items which have been dropped manually through our letterboxes.  If you have large records which need to be handed to us in person, please contact us in advance so we can arrange a safe, socially distanced (non-contact) handover.

Q3: Do I need to call a different number or use a different email address?

A3: No, we use a VOIP telephone system so please call the main office numbers as before -

Key Accountants (01530) 833396

Castle Accounting (0116) 2778600

and our email addresses will remain the same.

The phone and email systems have been fully “transferred” to our remote sites, so when you call/email, it will be pickup up just as if we were in the office.

Q4: Can we still have a face to face meeting?

A4: Yes, if you are happy to meet on Zoom. Alternatively, we can discuss at length over the phone if this is preferred, otherwise it will mean waiting until lockdown has finished in early December to meet face to face.

We do have remote access software that allows us to ‘walk you’ around a document - such as a set of accounts - that is visible on your computer screen, for ease of discussion.
2nd December 2020: COVID-19 update:

Following the new guidelines, we have now returned to our "Covid-19 Secure" Offices:

Q: Can we have a face to face meeting?

A: Yes, with all parties wearing face coverings and sanitising hands. We can also meet on Zoom or we can discuss at length over the phone if this is preferred.

We do have remote access software that allows us to ‘walk you’ around a document - such as a set of accounts - that is visible on your computer screen, for ease of discussion.
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